Collections of thoughts derived into ‘story telling’ of an image. In my view, a powerful image is one that engages and stimulates our hearts and minds. A story can be anything from something as complex as a social commentary to something as simple as a feeling or an emotion. A storytelling image engages us by speaking to our hearts. It stimulates our inherent curiosity and stirs our creative juices. It leads us not only to question what the photographer is trying convey but to also explore our own unique interpretations,  I hope you will enjoy the priceless stories that I am about to share.

ER Family day
Shan's Little Girls
I'm almost 1
Zane and Hannah
NYC to Canada
Not limited.
In motion
Slim and simple.
Nicole and Sebastien
Laura and AJ
The Aussies
When boy meets girl.
Shan's Family
Steve + Steph
Mike + Diane
Alex + Jordan
My Humble Beginning.